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This is Journey Makers

Journey Makers provides services to design long-term engagement strategies for both customers and employees. Our approach is to use the lenses of change management and sustainability practices, combined with marketing tools and digital channels, to get the best outcomes for your business. 

About us

We are carrying 15 years of experience in senior roles in multinational companies; in sales, marketing, transformation, customer and employee experiences in B2C as well in B2B industries. Our approach is to value trust, partnership and a "human first" mindset. As a client, you can expect a transparent and consistent collaboration all along your project life. Each project being specific, we tailor-make our offers and budget proposal according to our customers' needs. 

Eager to learn more about what Journey Makers can bring to your company and your teams? 

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Our services

Home office


Looking at acquiring new customers or developing your employer branding?


We design your next integrated marketing strategy, with a strong focus on digital channels and effectiveness assessment.

Confetti Girl


Willing to improve your company attractiveness for talents? Needing to strengthen your customer experience


We design a compelling approach to coordinate both your employee and customer experiences for better outcomes.  


Wishing to engage your collaborators and communicate about your efforts? 


We craft a sustainability journey with you to raise awareness. We help you launch projects,  embarking and empowering your employees.  

Forest Trees


Facing transformation challenges? Needing a mindset shift


We deep-dive into the current state of mind of your employees. We develop the right transformation engine together while anticipating the change impact and fostering an engaging culture.

Web Designers

Our Clients


2023 revamping of the website (WIX)

Production of Executive Summary Videos in 2020 and 2021

Contact us

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Our approach is to craft a tailor-made plan and budget proposal based on our customers' needs. 

Feel free to contact us to get your free 1h discovery session by sending us your details now!

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